Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Holding On - A Test

"But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.” 2 Chronicles 15:7 

There's a saying -  it's always darkest before dawn.  It's often said people quit just before their breakthrough. 

I can relate!  Can you?  I often ask, how dark does it have to be before the dawn comes?  How do we really know if we quit just before the breakthrough?  Do you think this could be a test - waiting - trusting God's grace is sufficient?  


Today, a Facebook friend posted this and it brought me to tears.  It's so spot on to where I am right now.  We must be in the test.... is His grace sufficient?   Please read and enjoy.  

8.21.18 Holding On    
I hear, “There’s no other way”. 
I see myself walking on a street, down the hill around the corner and there’s no where else to go, a dead end. I can’t turn back. I’m stuck, no place to go. 
I kneel and pray, quickly running out of words. 
I just ran out of words to pray and there’s no where to go, turning back isn’t an option, even if I turned back there’d be no place for me. Desperation attempts to overtake me.
The sun sets, night falls, I’m left kneeling without a prayer yet I’m not alone. Somehow I know Jesus is with me as night falls. My mind screams get up, make a way, carve a path, you can do it, you’ve done it before. My bodies unresponsive. My spirit, silent. 
Only God can deliver.
Grace blankets me, warms my soul from the cold night air. Grace provides comfort, the grace of God that brought me this far. 
My hope? Insufficient, my strength? Gone. My Faith to fight? Defeated. 
There I kneel in the dead of night covered only by grace. 
Peace seems a distant friend, I’m loved yet there’s no evidence of its conquering power from this cold night air; only grace provides me comfort. 
I’m alone yet not lonely, I’m weak yet not expired. No strength to lift my head, frankly no strength to move. 
I drop to my side, pulling the blanket tight around me, holding fast to his grace. 
This is the test, will it be sufficient?
I drift off to sleep wrapped in a blanket of grace. Nothing to prove, no one to impress, no faith to exercise; I’m wrapped in grace, sleeping the night away. 
Morning dawns providing warmth, the sun shines on my face. I feel the warmth of another body wrapped around mine, laying by my side, holding me. 
I see Jesus. 
He’s there with me by my side holding me, loving me; providing a resting place. His strong arms hold me secure. Faith arrives and shouts, “Its a new beginning”.
My eyes open, seeing a way; a path has been carved during the cold dark night. 
God has made a way where there was no way. 
I close my eyes, nestle into my Savior and whisper, “Your Grace is sufficient”.

He clutches me with his arms, by grace I cling to him. 
Prayer: When I’m weak You are my strength, When I am faithless You remain faithful, When I lose all hope Your grace blankets me with all I need in that moment. You are my Savior, You are my Lord, You are my God. 
Take time to read: 2 Corinthians 12.9, Psalm 121.7-8, Joshua 23.8, Jeremiah 13.11 and Psalm 63.8 with new eyes

Do you relate?  Are you there? Is His grace sufficient?  
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