Monday, December 4, 2017

Stepping into the Blessings.....

God is so good!  He is faithful!  He is loving! He is kind!  He is generous! He is amazing!  He is caring!  He loves to bless His children! He watches over us and protects us! 

These past few weeks have been interesting!  As you know our dog Canyon passed 3 weeks ago.  It has been quiet, lonely and different.  I haven't been without a dog since 1984.  And Ken, he's had a dog his entire life.  God has given such grace in this time.  I have my moments when I cry and cry, but overall, I am at peace knowing he is out of pain, and in my opinion he's running around in heaven with his siblings.   

We have been hit on all sides but God has been faithful to help us through.  Don't get me started about the health symptoms!! UGH!!!

My cell phone speaker died about a week ago.  I can hear the phone ringing and can answer it, but I can't hear the person on the other line and vice versa.  It's odd, because I have still have sound and can use other functions of the phone.  Thankfully can still text.   The bad news is that we just changed phone carriers to save us $50 a month and so I lost my cell phone insurance, which would of afforded me a new phone.   Instead, I looked up on Google (don't you love google) and found a video on how to replace the speaker as that's what it looks like is wrong.  I ordered a $3.99 part and am awaiting it to come in.  I hope this works!  Otherwise, I will be without a phone.  

This past Friday night we went to a friends house for dinner out in the country, 20 miles away and lots of gravel country roads.  Saturday morning,  Ken went to leave for work and noticed our car tire was flat.  He pumped it up but within seconds all the air came right back out.  The hole was pretty big.  He was so amazed that we didn't have a blow out on the way home the night before.  God's angels had to have been plugging it to get us home.  Ken came in and asked me to call Allison's the local tire shop to see if they could come out and patch it (small towns do this).   Well, a few minutes later, I realized I could't call without borrowing his phone for the morning.  I quick ran out to the garage to see if he was still here and fortunately he was pumping air in the bike tire so he could get to work.  

In the meantime, I felt the Lord wanted me to post a prayer request on Facebook.  I just posted simply that our tire was flat and to pray for a simple fix to delay the need for 4 new tires, though we are more than past due in needing them.   We just don't have the funds for any undue expenses.  

I was suppose to go help a friend bake that morning for an afternoon tea party, but instead she saw my Facebook post and sent her husband 20 miles to plug the tire and put air in it so I could get to the shop.  And another friend, messaged me and offered to BUY us 4 new tires.  God is so good!  It was so fun to see Ken's reaction to all that happened while he was at work..... when I was able to pick him and his bike up from work at noon!  

Last night we went to a worship and prayer meeting and I had complimented this lady on her sweater.   At the end of the meeting, she came up to me and said the Lord told her to give it to me.  This is the 2nd time this has happened in just a couple months. Wow!  And another couple we know, asked us to follow them home and they gave us a pan of fresh homemade cinnamon rolls!  Yummy!!!!!  

I say all this because over the last few weeks, the Lord has been having me meditate and study on Psalm 126.  I shared one of the versions I've been reading below.   I have sensed a major shift since Canyon's passing.  I'm sad he's gone, but I know that it's a NEW SEASON.   I really believe that God is giving a taste of His goodness, not because we deserve it, but because He is faithful and has great things for us to do in His Kingdom. 

Psalm 126 The Passion Translation 


It was like a dream come true

    when you freed us from our bondage and brought us back to Zion!

We laughed and laughed and overflowed with gladness.
    We were left shouting for joy and singing your praise.
    All the nations saw it and joined in, saying,
    “The Lord has done great miracles for them!”
Yes, he did mighty miracles and we are overjoyed!
Now, Lord, do it again! Restore us to our former glory!
    May streams of your refreshing flow over us
    until our dry hearts are drenched again.
Those who sow their tears as seeds[a]
    will reap a harvest with joyful shouts of glee.
They may weep as they go out carrying their seed to sow,
    but they will return with joyful laughter and shouting with gladness
    as they bring back armloads of blessing and a harvest overflowing!

I feel the Lord wants to encourage you - if you've been contending and believing and praying for something for a long time, you might be entering your season of harvest and reward.   I believe He is turning our mourning into dancing and our tears into JOY!   I really feel this strongly in my spirit and there are so many confirmations from other prophetic voices.  God is about to show up and show off and the world will take notice!   God will receive the glory!  God's name will be known!   Doors are going to open, family and friends you've been praying into the Kingdom will suddenly give their lives to Him.  I see miraculous healings taking place and the transfer of wealth is about to happen.  I believe we are on the precipice of a season of awe!   Years ago, the Lord spoke to me 

Habukkuk 1:5 Look at the nations and watch- and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.

I believe we have just entered this season! I believe we have stepped over the threshold and the enemy has now been defeated! It is time for many to step into the fullness of their purpose, call and destiny and God is about to make that happen! I don't know how, I just am confident it's SOON!!! It's time that we step into blessings!!!

Prayer Requests:
Ken - His hours at Dollar General just got cut by a whole shift...and was told in January may be cut again.  Pray he can find additional work.  Painting has come to an end at least for now.  ??? 
Michele - I've been trying hard to find work from home or even something part time but no doors open for me.  I have been trying to sell things on Facebook - we have two timeshares that we would love to sell cheap, and lots of other things - but for some reason God's not allowing that either?    I do feel like starting back into writing 2 books the Lord has put on my heart and am asking God for mental energy and clarity to do so.  I've been also told I should start a "food blog" and think that would be fun - and it is a way to make some money through advertisers, but I would need God to bring me a techy person who could help get it set up.  It's a lot more complicated than the basic blog I use here.  And it would have some start up costs.  
Ministry - please continue to pray for the doors to open for us to shift into destiny and the provision to do so.  Our Thursday night group has been going well.   And God has been opening doors for us to minister prophetically to individuals too.  This brings life!  

Thank YOU so much for your ongoing support, prayers, love and care for us and our ministry.  We are honored to be able to pray for those who reach out to us.  Please let me know if you have any prayer needs.   For those who have been reaching out, thank you!  I am praying for your requests.  

If you have been blessed by this ministry or feel led to support what God is doing through us - financially, below are a few options.  Your generosity and your prayer support is greatly appreciated and needed as we continue to walk in faith and God's calling. 

Megablessings  - 
Ken & Michele Cole,

Tax deductible & non tax deductible donations can be made: 
1.  Checks made payable to Sonlit Fields, PO Box 371, El Dorado Springs, MO 64744 or if you prefer anonymous giving - you can give through our Donor Fund 

2.  Non tax deductible donations can be made directly to us by:  THIS IS THE FASTEST WAY TO GET MONEY TO US FOR DAILY USE. 
 Paypal -  ( 

3. Donor Fund - Contact National Christian Foundation - Ken & Michele Cole - Want InSight Fund -   Tax deductible 
    7171 W. 95th Street, Suite 501
Overland Park, KS 66212
    Phone: 913.310.0279

    Fax: 913.227.0254 

God has given us a vision to build a retreat property along with ministry equipping center.  
The retreat portion of our ministry is to provide a safe place for pastors, lay leaders & other ministry folks to come and be refreshed & encouraged through prophetic ministry (if wanted).  We will offer private cabins with kitchens & full bathrooms, and plenty of places to roam on the property to get quiet with the Lord. 
We will offer other specialty retreats - marriage, healing, prophetic teaching & activating people into the world & health and wellness retreats and more.  

The Lord has graced us with the desire to come alongside the Church - to bring healing, deliverance & freedom to new/newer believers.  We are not wanting to replace their church, but better help them be ready to serve in their church. 
In our community building - we will eventually have a 24/7 prayer room, healing & prophetic rooms and a place for community worship services for those on the property.  

Our passion is to minister to a lost & hurting world.   To equip the saints to do the same and to be a blessing to our community and surrounding areas.  Our hopes are that we can pour out God's love in a mighty way to bring more and more souls into the Kingdom, get them discipled, called into their purpose & destiny and released to do God's business!!!!  We also have a passion to give generously to help those in need and to help others launch into their God given destinies.  

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