Sunday, July 8, 2018

Shut Door! What Are Next Steps?

And I placed boundaries on it.  And set a bolt and doors.
                                      Job 38:10 

What do you do when you feel God has led you down a path only to find the door doesn't open?  

That's the question!!!  

As you know, we felt led to submit a proposal to a prominent family who believes in giving everything they own into the Kingdom.  We spent countless hours preparing it, editing and having several people helping us to make the best presentation we could.  (Those that helped, we are eternally thankful and pray God's amazing blessings on you. Your sacrifice of time was a gift that can't be measured, but will be rewarded by the Lord.)  We submitted the proposal and this past week we got the reply.  They said no!  They said they were compelled by our ministry and the obvious need to expand and reach more people, but their funds were tied up in long term projects.   

  • We believe God gave us this vision and has been preparing us both our entire lives for this season. 
  • We believe God is directing our steps, even when the outcome is not as we hoped.
  • We believe that there is an appointed time for this vision to come into existence and know that God will open the "right door" at the "right time".  

I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David; what He opens no one can shut, and what He shuts no one can open. Isaiah 22:22 

So, what's next for us?  Many of you have been asking us what's the plan?  Here it is!  Next steps!

1.  Continue in prayer, fasting, contending and believing!
2.  Stand in faith & watch the salvation of the Lord!
3.  Leave it in God's hands!

This devotional came the day after we got their response.  This is exactly where we are at and how we will forge ahead.

Streams in the Desert 
We don’t know what we should do; we look to you for help.”—2 Chr 20:12 NET
A life was lost in Israel because a pair of human hands were laid unbidden upon the ark of God. They were placed upon it with the best intent, to steady it when trembling and shaking as the oxen drew it along the rough way; but they touched God’s work presumptuously, and they fell paralyzed and lifeless. Much of the life of faith consists in letting things alone.
If we wholly trust an interest to God, we must keep our hands off it; and He will guard it for us better than we can help Him. “Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass.”
Things may seem to be going all wrong, but He knows as well as we; and He will arise in the right moment if we are really trusting Him so fully as to let Him work in His own way and time. There is nothing so masterly as inactivity in some things, and there is nothing so hurtful as restless working, for God has undertaken to work His sovereign will. —A. B. Simpson
“Being perplexed, I say,
’Lord, make it right!
Night is as day to Thee,
Darkness as light.
I am afraid to touch
Things that involve so much;
My trembling hand may shake, 
My skilless hand may break; 
Thine can make no mistake.’
“Being in doubt I say,
’Lord, make it plain;
Which is the true, safe way?
Which would be gain?
I am not wise to know,
Nor sure of foot to go;
What is so clear to Thee,
Lord, make it clear to me!’”
It is such a comfort to drop the tangles of life into God’s hands and leave them there.
We do covet your prayers.  This walk the Lord has us on is not easy.  He is faithful, however and for that we are so thankful.  At the suggestion of a friend, I am attaching a link to our proposal.  Copy and paste this link into your browser.  


Would you please pray for us that God will open a door soon.  We feel grace has lifted for us and it is time to move on.   It feels very similar to when we had our house on the market in KC and awaiting God's direction ----to move here.   We are weary, but hopeful.  Our hope is in the Lord!   

Prayer requests;

Ken  -  He is faithful to work at a place that is very difficult in many ways.  The work environment is hard.  The pay is minimal.  Thankful for the job, but wishing for a full time - sufficient pay - job - until we step into destiny.   Pray for energy, stamina and sleep.    Pray for something to shift soon.
Pray for God's faithfulness to provide for our daily needs.
Michele - pray for complete healing to manifest.  I am getting sleep for the most part.. not perfect but much better.  We still both have trouble on the nights Ken has to be up and to work at 4 am.  I am really fighting the temptation to get another dog.
Ministry - well you know - please pray for open doors.
Job - God has given us two business ideas - that could be used to support us where we are going.  Pray for open doors and finances and the perfect timing.

Thank YOU so much for your ongoing support, prayers, love and care for us and our ministry.  We are honored to be able to pray for those who reach out to us.  Please let me know if you have any prayer needs.   For those who have been messaging us, thank you!  I am praying for your requests.  

If you have been blessed by this ministry or feel led to support what God is doing through us - financially, below are a few options.  Your generosity and your prayer support is greatly appreciated and needed as we continue to walk in faith and God's calling. 

Megablessings  - 
Ken & Michele Cole,

Tax deductible & non tax deductible donations can be made: 
1.  Checks made payable to Sonlit Fields, PO Box 371, El Dorado Springs, MO 64744 or if you prefer anonymous giving - you can give through our Donor Fund 

2.  Non tax deductible donations can be made directly to us by:  THIS IS THE FASTEST WAY TO GET MONEY TO US FOR DAILY USE. 
 Paypal -  ( 

3. Donor Fund - Contact The Signatry - Ken & Michele Cole - Want InSight Fund -   Tax deductible 
    7171 W. 95th Street, Suite 501
Overland Park, KS 66212
    Phone: 913.310.0279

    Fax: 913.227.0254 

God has given us a vision to build a retreat property along with ministry equipping center.  
The retreat portion of our ministry is to provide a safe place for pastors, lay leaders & other ministry folks to come and be refreshed & encouraged through prophetic ministry (if wanted).  We will offer private cabins with kitchens & full bathrooms, and plenty of places to roam on the property to get quiet with the Lord. 
We will offer other specialty retreats - marriage, healing, prophetic teaching & activating people into the world & health and wellness retreats and more.  

The Lord has graced us with the desire to come alongside the Church - to bring healing, deliverance & freedom to new/newer believers.  We are not wanting to replace their church, but better help them be ready to serve in their church. 
In our community building - we will eventually have a 24/7 prayer room, healing & prophetic rooms and a place for community worship services for those on the property.  

Our passion is to minister to a lost & hurting world.   To equip the saints to do the same and to be a blessing to our community and surrounding areas.  Our hopes are that we can pour out God's love in a mighty way to bring more and more souls into the Kingdom, get them discipled, called into their purpose & destiny and released to do God's business!!!!  We also have a passion to give generously to help those in need and to help others launch into their God given destinies.  

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