Saturday, March 3, 2012

Monumental Movie - Information on how to change America's future! And 6 Healing Testimonies!

Last week, I posted about what we believe the Lord has been speaking to many about the future of America. If you want to see change, if you want to make a difference in this country, here's an opportunity on how you can do so. Please check out the movie and preview information provided. The Monumental Movie will ONLY be in theaters one day. You can type in your zip code and it will show you where in your area you can see it. You must buy tickets online! Hope to see you there!

I also wanted to share a quick story about God's divine healing. This past weekend we went to dinner with some friends and then back to their home to visit for a while. Their daughter "K" asked if we could pray for her because she had injured her knee and felt that she had torn her meniscus. Ouch! So, I asked if we could lay hands on her and I began to pray for God to come and bring healing. She felt the heat from my hands and knew that God was touching her knee. Her sister "L" came over to join in and instantly got a cramp in her leg, that stems from a back injury. When she held my hand, instantly the cramp went away and she sensed something going on in her back (because by that time her mom had joined us and was laying hands on "L's" back and she felt the heat from her mom's hands). Way cool. Dad started singing worship songs and strumming the guitar when all this began. We could totally feel the Holy Spirit's presence. After I got done praying for "K's" knee, I sensed the Lord wanted me to annoint her hands for healing. I grabbed both of her hands and held them and she could feel the heat and the electricity coming out of my hands. When all this was done, K's knee was completely healed!! "L's leg cramp and back was completely healed! We prayed for mom's ankle and she sensed a noticeable difference. She could actually move and twist her ankle around, something she couldn't do previously! Praise GOD!!!!!

At this time, I sensed the Lord wanted me to give a quick informal teaching about how to recognize a healing environment so they would know when to pray for someone. (Not that we can't pray for someone anytime, but this was meant to be more a teaching about being Spirit led to pray). So after I taught, "S" son of "L", sensed someone had wrist pain. "L" sensed someone had left knee pain. Dad felt we were to pray for something in someone's head, maybe something clogged or blocked. Ken, my husband, heard left ear pain. Dad had the wrist pain and he was healed, "S" had the left ear pain and his eared popped after prayer and it was healed, me and the mom had knee pain, and I had the sinus blockage as well. The knee pain I had and have had since 1992 was healed. I had range of motion that I haven't had in 20 years. I was able to get up off the couch and walk without limping. My sinus are much improved and I am believing for a completed work! The mom just texted me back and told me that her knee is NOT sore and that is so good! So there was 6 of 7 of us that had a need for healing and we all got it! Isn't God good. All the time!

We have seen divine healing and in some amazing ways but it still completely blows our mind when God shows up and does this. When we welcome the Holy Spirit and invite Him to have His way, He is more than gracious to accomodate us! Thank YOU JESUS!!

Next week (I think) I will write an update about Peru! God is still speaking! Of course, He is!

If you have any prayer or ministry needs, please don't hesitate to contact us. We love doing God's work!

God Bless YOU -
Ken & Michele Cole,

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