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3 Ways You Can Make An Impact Today! Peru Updates

3 Ways You Can Make An Impact Today!  Peru Updates!

Today, I am introducing you to a good friend of ours who has been a huge prayer support and advisor for Ken and I over the years.  Bart Nill & Kim McDowell are two of the most humblest and generous servants of Christ we know.  Below you will find some information about their ministry and our hope is that you would go to prayer and see if God would have you support them somehow.  

From Bart:  
We pray all is going well for you and your family and that you are experiencing a real intimate season with Jesus our Lord!  The purpose of the letter is to share our hearts with you as Kim and I transition the ministry to “The Promise of GOD.”

For 10 years now we have served the Lord through ministries that teach Biblical Stewardship to families – initially with Crown Financial Ministries and then through Compass Heartland Ministries.  Each of these ministries have focused upon teaching people to handle money God’s way through small group studies and Kim and myself have been blessed to see many experience life transformation as a result of surrendering their life to Jesus.  With the small groups formed being optional for all families, normally the life transformation resulted for families that experienced tremendous debt.   God showed them during the study how they were trying to fill the God shaped hole inside their heart with everything in the world but God Himself and once they allowed the hole to be filled by God alone, their lives forever changed. 

During these same ten years, we have also seen God mold inside of us a deep longing to see this same type of spiritual transformation occur for everyone within the body of Christ – whether or not they had financial debt.  Billy Graham commented several years ago that he believes that only half of those attending churches in America today truly know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  We have burdened over that thought and our desire is for God to use us to share His Word to give sight to the blind, to bring hope to those that are lost, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.  We have felt God reshaping us to bring the Stewardship message to the Cross of Christ.  Stewardship involves every aspect of our life – our time, our talents, our money and possessions, our relationships, our worship…..everything we are is from God and we cannot bring Him glory unless we surrender it all to Him.  And so the reshaping that we have felt from God has led us to “The Promise of GOD” and has us focusing on three things within the Body of Christ: 1- Prayer; 2- Spiritual Growth and Maturity and 3- Church Unity.  

It is with this heart that over the past several years we developed the church-wide teaching program called “The Promise.”  The Promise Study has three components:  1- Prayer: The Promise of GOD 7-weeks of Prayer asking God to free His people within the church and community of various bondages that have kept them from experiencing a close intimacy with the Lord.  Our prayer is that God will use this group to form a Lighthouse that will minister to those lost and hurting in our community.

As we enter this new season, we have a huge need for prayer – prayer for God to be honored and blessed through the work of this ministry as well as prayer for God to provide us the help to accomplish this work, through prayer supporters and financial supporters.  We have a tremendous need for financial partners – ones willing to give monthly.  The lifeblood of ministry comes from those giving $10, $20, $30, $50, etc. per month.  Here are 3 ways you can make an impact in the Kingdom today!  Did you know if 670 people were giving -
 (1) $10 per month that would total $80,400 per year (our entire annual budget is $80,000), 335 people giving
 (2) $20 per month is also $80,400 and 168 giving
 (3) $40 per month is $80,640.

God tells us in 2 Corinthians 9:7 Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.  We don’t want to interfere in any way with how God would speak to the hearts of those who know, encourage and care for us.  We simply want to make sure that we do not do anything that would ever have someone give under compulsion to The Promise of GOD.   

Thank you for taking the time to hear our hearts.  Thank you for supporting us throughout the years.  You mean the world to us and we are humbled by your trust and friendship!

In Christ’s Love,
Bart Nill and Kim McDowell
2 Corinthians 11:28 Besides everything else, I face daily the pressure of my concern for all the churches.
David Barton Nill
Executive Director
The Promise of GOD
Address for processing donations:
P.O. Box 12063
Kansas City, Ks 66112
Office Phone: 913-301-3531
Mobile Phone: 913-721-3999

Ken has often said that you are not just supporting a ministry - you are giving to God!  You are funding the Kingdom of God!  God uses ministries such as Bart's to reach those in need.   I recently read an article posted by National Christian Foundation, saying that "81% of people who haven't gifted in the last year believe "people with a lot of money" should give so they don't have to".  read more at  This is crazy.  The Lord tells us in the book of Luke that as we give, it will be given back to us, pressed down, shaken together and running over.  Ken and I know this first hand.  All of us should be giving as the Lord purposes in our heart to give and as we do, blessings come back to us!  

Ken and I continue to make connections to different people in Peru.  We made a connection to an American Missionary and they connected us to a couple who has an apartment for rent. The Americans live upstairs and that would be a comfort to both of us. The rent is doable and includes utilities and seems to be in a good neighborhood and close to groceries, medical, etc.  (It has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths - so anyone of you can come visit and help us minister-hint hint!!)  We are praying that we can commit to it but need God to start revealing logistics and releasing financial provision.  We are getting a better sense from Him on what we will do and that is to spend time with each of these "American Missionaries and volunteer and build relationship with them and get to know the culture at the same time.  We also feel we will be back at the original church and tv/radio as well.  We are hoping that God will provide additionally so we can do the Spanish Immersion school so we can better learn the language.  
We covet your prayers for us and the ministry God has entrusted to us.

Please let us know how we can pray for you!

God Bless YOU -
Ken & Michele Cole,

Donate to The Want InSight - Phil 4:19 Fund!

This is how you can give to support the ministry God has entrusted us with, if the Lord so leads you:

Tax deductible donations can be made by visiting:
1., select Ministry Projects, then use drop down box Ken & Michele Cole - Want InSight?
2. Or you can donate through my medical account, select Medical Projects, then Michele Cole.

3. Non tax deductible donations can be made directly to us by:

4. Paypal - account is

5. Send check to our home. Please contact us for our address.
Any donations made through Helping Hands will be anonymous. If you want us to know that you supported us through them, please let us know personally. Thank YOU


5/5 Ken and I will be ordained into full time ministry!

****** 5/10 & 5/15 Joni Ames will be here to minister - if you are interested in attending, please email me.

Joni is also available other days or evenings to minister to your church or home group. She will be in town from 5/5-5/15 but her schedule is filling up. Please email me if you are interested in hosting an event and I will let you know what's available.

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