Thursday, May 10, 2012

5 Kids??? Us?$%(*&#$ That is the question!

5 Kids??? Us?  That is the question!

I'm sending this out a bit early because I have a message to post for Tuesday I feel the Lord wants me to get out. Happy Mother's Day!

For those who have known Ken and I for any length of time, would know that us having kids is not really in our vocabulary.  When Ken and I got married back in 1986, we never really had a conversation about having kids or not, we just always knew that we wouldn't.  On occasion, I would "pretend" I was interested in having a baby and tell Ken that we should and he would always say no.  It isn't that we don't like kids, we just both never saw ourselves as parents.

When I was growing up, I constantly heard my mom say she went to the "valley of the shadow of death" when she had Mike and I (Mike's my twin).  I grew up believing that me being born almost caused my mom to die.  It wasn't until much much later in my life, adult years, that I realized that not to be so true.  My mom was told by doctors not to continue having kids, and I think she was told that after the 5th one and she had 4 more of us....and the last 2 being twins! I'm the baby of 9 besides my twin. He is 6 minutes older than me.  Well, anyways, the point of all of that was to tell you I had a huge fear of pregnancy and childbirth and so I never really desired to have my own children.  So, when Ken and I got married and he didn't seem interested in having kids, it was a huge blessing.  I don't know what I would have done had he said yes.

Last year, a good friend of mine, Joni Ames was here (  She walks in a high level prophetic anointing.  Every time she has prophesied over us, it has been 100% accurate.  She has been coming to our home for I think 7 years now so she has had a pretty good track record!  Last year, she had prophesied over us that God was going to give us 4 kids.  She said that we would need them as much as they needed us.  She said that she really felt they were going to be "our" kids, not spiritual kids and not necessarily ours from our own childbirth but kids that God would give us.  Ok, so our response was, wrong, don't receive that, put that one on the shelf.  Nothing against Joni at all, it just was never (yes I just used the word NEVER, it was never in our thoughts or plans).

A whole year has gone by and to be honest, we really hadn't brought that "word" off the shelf or thought twice of it.  Well, just recently Ken and I were watching this family friendly movie.  We choose to only watch movies that help us in our Christian walk or ones that are lighthearted and family friendly.  The movie name was "Change of Plans".  It's about a couple who were contacted by the courts as a friend of theirs recently passed away and had 4 orphan or missionary kids.  They were named in the will to be guardians of the kids.  The couple initially reacted that they were not interested but then met the 4 kids and said they would house them until a suitable home was found.  Of course, you know the story, the couple ends up bonding and falling in love with the kids and when a suitable home is finally found, the couple chooses to keep the kids and adopt them as their own.  End of story.  While we were watching that movie, Joni's word to us from last year popped into my head.  I said, hmmm do you think God is going to give us some kids?  Ken dismissed that comment.

Also several weeks ago, I felt the Lord told us to move our work out equipment out of a bedroom so we could make it into a real bedroom.  I said God if you want us to do that, You're going to have to provide for the bedroom furniture.  He said, have a garage sale.  Our neighborhood was advertising a community garage sale so we decided we would have one.  It turns out that we were the only house having a garage sale that weekend.  (I think that was God's favor).  We had sooooooo many people come and buy things that we made, you guessed it, exactly what we needed to buy a bedroom outfit off of Craigslist and a new mattress and box spring).  Isn't God good!  Oh and by the way, the lady we bought the bedroom outfit from, she now is attending our small group.  Isn't God great!

Well, this past week, I've been reading this new book No Longer a Slumdog by Gospel of Asia Ministries - you can get a free copy here -   As I was reading the book, I was completely moved by what God is doing through this missions organization.  Get the book and see for yourself.  About half way through the book, I set it down in my lap, with tears rolling down my face and I looked up to heaven and said "God, if you want us to have some of these kids or kids from Peru, send us however many you want us to have".   Only God could make that happen in my heart.  In that moment, I probably would have adopted 100's of 1000's of kids.....but that of course is not realistic.   I told Ken about this and again, no comment.

Tonight Joni was back at our house.  We decided that she would minister to us next week when she's here again but after everyone had left but Joni, we ended up talking for a couple hours catching up. She said "I almost called you today because God gave me something specific for you".  She forgot but then remembered.  She said that we were going to go to Peru and bring back 5 kids!  She said she was all teary eyed when she got this from the Lord.  WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Often the Lord speaks to me and shares things with me that are more in the future and I believe that is why He has been speaking to me and not Ken about this.  Ken is a go with the flow kind of guy.  He's like a chamelion in a good way!  He blends in wherever, where I need much more coaxing!!  Isaiah 42:9 says this "Everything I prophesied has come true, and now I will prophesy again.  I will tell you the future before it happens".  (Emphasis mine).   This is a verse the Lord gave me years ago and I have been fortunate to be able to see some things before they come to pass.

So, is this why we got another bedroom ready?  Is this why God had me read that book, so He could soften my heart?  Is this why He took us to Peru in January and asking us to go back again this summer?  Only God knows the answers to these questions and of course, way many more now!

I wanted to share this story with you as soon as it came to mind because..... if God is really doing this, what an amazing thing it will be!  I'm already being proactive, cuz that's who I am.  I'm googling information about how to adopt children from Peru.

The picture to the right here is a girl I fell in love with in Peru.  She has a mother that I know of, so I doubt she will be one we could adopt.....but I am asking God to surprise me!  Her and I bonded - I just held her for about an hour while we were ministering one night at Fuente de Benedicion church in Lima, Peru.  Her name is Delila.  We had such a heart connection.  Neither of us could speak the other's language but it wasn't necessary.

Oh and this morning in my quiet time, my devotional was about how to raise children God's way.  In the coffee shop parking lot, there was a van with this on it "seeing through your children's lives".  Ok.. God you have a sense of humor!   We don't know what God is really up too, but the few pieces we do have are very very interesting.

I pray this story has blessed you.

If you are interested in Ken and I coming to minister to you, your small group or church, please give us a call.  We would be delighted to!

God Bless YOU -
Ken & Michele Cole,

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