Friday, March 13, 2020

My Two Cents & Move Update

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16 

Somebody just asked me what I thought was going on with the world.... My two cents worth... and in light of this revelation in article by John Paul Jackson...(link below)  

I feel John Paul is correct. I've been sensing that this virus outbreak has been a "test" of sorts. A test to see how the world would react. Comparing it to other diseases all around us, it is mild. Take precautions as you would normally. Common sense, but don't need to panic.   

The test, I sense is to see how we will react. Will we react in fear? Will there be a mass of people flocking to stores to empty shelves? Will Christians rise up and take a stand - and pray for the sick and fearful? Will the God of the Bible be a source of peace for the world. Will Christians share the gospel and be a true light? I also feel that this is setting the stage for socialism.  Many will be so desperate for food or supplies that they will accept whatever is "offered".    For the past 6 years, the Lord has been having me pray for blind eyes and deaf ears to be opened.  There are many who are vulnerable, gullible and may not be able to see Truth!   

John Paul says that this "pandemic" will be mild and instill fear - well, I think we know this prophesy has come to pass recently. He also says the next one will be serious. That's my point - this current one is setting the stage for what's to come. Josephs are being put in position. Equipping Hubs, Home Churches and other ministries are being set up to be a beacon of light, a city on a hill for what's next. Amos 9:13-15 The Message and Habukkuk 1:5 will become real-time in the days ahead so that the World will take notice. The Lord has been repeatedly saying for months that soon people will know that He is the one true God. They will know He is real. For some, it will be great encouragement to rise up from status quo Christianity.  For others it will be a nail in the coffin for their faith, because of hardening of hearts. And for others, a great harvest will be had! And us Christians, need to be in a place to receive, help them get set free disciple them & equip them to reach more.  God has been preparing a remnant to help those in need.   Is that you?  If so, NOW is the time to let your line shine.  

We can choose to rise up in FAITH and trust in Jesus... or we can coward to fear and remain following the world's ways. We can choose to remain status quo and lukewarm - and if you choose that option, I recommend you read the book of Revelation.

Earlier today I had a vision that the storehouses of heaven were "REIGNING" down on us. I sense that the Lord will and is showing is sovereignty in the days ahead. For those that truly know Him, His peace and shalom is already there. For those that don't know Him.. it's time to make a choice. God so loved the world that He sent his only begotten Son so that NONE should perish. Believe in Him and receive this miraculous gift.
John Paul Jackson was a truly wonderful man of God that passed away on February 18th, 2015. While he was still with us, the Lord showed him that a “perfect storm” would soon be coming to America, and that it would be a time of great chaos unlike anything that we have ever seen before. …
A must read article:
How we should respond: 
- Reach out to someone you know who is over-reacting - don't try and argue with them or deny their fear... but point them to Jesus and comfort them.
- Offer to pray for them
- Offer to shop for them if they are feeling the need to self quarantine. 
- Love well.  Love God and demonstrate that love with those around you. 

Update on our LEAP OF FAITH move:  When GOD says GO, you GO!!! 
  • Ken's last day of work is 4/3.  Our rental is available until 4/30 (hopefully - as it is now on the market)  
  • We are busy busy packing & purging and praying.  Praying tons!!! 
  • We are trying to sell about 95%  of what we have so that our move will be as affordable as possible. The lowest bid on a skeleton move is about $6-7000, assuming that we've estimated correct on boxes.  
  • We are having a garage sale the week after next.  What doesn't sell will be donated or given away to anyone here in need.
Prayer points:
  1. Ken is wanting to finish well.  I think that he will.  They are sure going to miss him.  
  2. Me - I am still having intense pain which limits what I can do or how long I can work.  Please be in agreement for complete healing! 
  3. Please pray for divine helpers.  Ken needs help lifting and sorting storage unit stuff and I will need help unpacking all those boxes and purging or repacking.  And then counting them all.   
  4. We are believing God for provision for a new SUV.  
  5. We are still looking for work - have made multiple applications and have been for the past 3 years- but most jobs there are minimum wage and part time (like here)  
  6. We are still looking for a place to rent/land there (where, we have a general idea but no specific town).   All rentals we can connect to from a distance require verifiable income to even consider us.  And they all require 2 months security deposit, plus first and last months rent & key deposits!  Crazy!!   We have reached out to a number of semi-connections there asking them to keep eyes peeled - and we are believing God HE will open a door.  
  7. We are contending for the promises God has spoken to us - to fund the vision - so we can just step into Destiny - as we move into our Promise Land.  
  8. Our hope is to be moving Mid-April.  Depending on movers, etc, we hope to have a farewell open house in KC sometime the week of April 6th-  ???  Maybe that weekend following.  
  9. Counting down we are less than 30 days out!! 
Thank YOU again for your love, prayer and support!!!  Thank you for believing in us and walking with us on our journey!!   Love ya's!

Ken & Michele Cole
...God's love and your prayers keeps me going.....

Here are ways you can give if you feel led:

1.  Non tax deductible donations can be made to:
     Ken & Michele Cole, PO Box 371, El Dorado Springs, MO 64744.
     This is the only way currently we can use funds for our personal needs at this time.  or through PayPal.Me/micheleacole.  We also have Venmo & CashApp

2.  Tax deductible options:

     Checks payable to Sonlit Fields, PO Box 371, El Dorado Springs, MO 64744
     This goes into our ministry account to be used for outreach and saving towards our vision.

     Donor Fund - The Signatry - Ken & Michele Cole - listed under Want InSight Fund.
     7171 W 95th Street, Suite 501, Overland Park, KS 66212
     Phone 913 310 0279
     This is an option to keep gifts anonymous - again for outreach and savings toward our vision.

God has given us a vision to build a retreat property along with ministry equipping center.  
The retreat portion of our ministry is to provide a safe place for pastors, lay leaders & other ministry folks to come and be refreshed & encouraged through prophetic ministry (if wanted).  We will offer private cabins with kitchens & full bathrooms, and plenty of places to roam on the property to get quiet with the Lord. 
We will offer other specialty retreats - marriage, healing, prophetic teaching & activating people into the world & health and wellness retreats and more.  

The Lord has graced us with the desire to come alongside the Church - to bring healing, deliverance & freedom to new/newer believers.  We are not wanting to replace their church, but better help them be ready to serve in their church. 
In our community building - we will eventually have a 24/7 prayer room, healing & prophetic rooms and a place for community worship services for those on the property.  

Our passion is to minister to a lost & hurting world.   To equip the saints to do the same and to be a blessing to our community and surrounding areas.  Our hopes are that we can pour out God's love in a mighty way to bring more and more souls into the Kingdom, get them discipled, called into their purpose & destiny and released to do God's business!!!!  We also have a passion to give generously to help those in need and to help others launch into their God given destinies.  

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