Friday, August 29, 2008

There is still a solution to 100% financing! No downpayment!

The USDA Rural Housing Loan Program has 100% loans available, which offer no downpayment mortgages for low to moderate income people. In today’s market, we are all aware that sometimes a steady income and good credit are just not enough to qualify for a home loan at a bank, mortgage company, or savings and loan. The USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan Program (GRH) is helping more rural families and individuals become eligible to become homeowners. The GRH mortgages are 30-year fixed rates at market interest rates. Visit our website or email us for more information.

There are more than 800 field offices throughout the U.S., so the qualified areas are numerous. With the federal government backing these loans, there is less risk to the lenders, and more options for home buyers. GRH 100% loans can be made on either new or existing homes, or need to be acquired through an approved GRH lender.

Michele A. Cole

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