Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tips for Searching for a Mortgage Lender

What are some things a prospective borrower should watch for with a lender?

Ask questions, get disclosures, check references. Relationship is most important. God wants us in relationship with Him and with others. If you don’t know anyone, than ask people you love and trust to refer you to someone. Realtor referrals are good source IF you know and trust the realtor as well. Another recommendation is to use website to select a financial or mortgage professional. The training and education needed to be a qualified member is substantial and is valuable to you the consumer.

Michele "MAC" A. Cole

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Lisa Gaiche said...

Michelle, that is good advice. A good lender is imperative to a smooth real estate transaction. I'd also encourage buyers to ask for a Good Faith Estimate along with their pre-approval letter. If you are shopping around, be sure to compare all the various fees and not just the interest rate.

Lisa Gaiche
RE/MAX Real Estate Group