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A New Thing - Big Radical Changes - Part 2

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Big Radical Changes - Part 2
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Isaiah 43:19 See, I am doing a new thing!
NOW, it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland.

My last post, I almost went in and added this quote from John Wimber -

"I'm a fool for Jesus, whose fool are you"?

This quote is probably more appropriate for this post....

We are moving away to El Dorado Springs, MO.  We have just over 30 days to find a home, continue packing and move.  The problem.... we now have NO idea where we are going to live.

In our last post, we talked about this incredible home on 10 acres that made our spirits leap.  We knew that we knew that this was the home God had prepared for us.  Yesterday we went to see the property and EVERYTHING changed in a moment!  The listing was completely misrepresented.  The square footage was off about 600ft, there was NO fruit orchard (there was 2 fruit trees), the fence around the 10 acres was partially removed, two rooms that were very descriptive were NOTHING like what was said, there was NO 2nd kitchen, no safe room, no dining room, no shed, it was NOT completely remodeled as indicated.  It was a mold and cat urine infested home which gave me an instant migraine two seconds after walking into it.  The online pictures were from the previous owners, not at all what the house looks like today.  The only way I would consider this home is if it was torn down and rebuilt! Our hearts were crushed, disappointed for sure!!!  What now God??  (and their buyers did fall through)

The owners of the home were there and we did get to ask some additional questions. I asked them why they were selling and it was due to his health.  They truly didn't want to move.   The husband suffered a stroke, I believe they said in April.  He could barely speak legibly.  It was quite sad.   So, I asked them if we could pray for them.  They said yes.  As were praying, asking the Lord to heal him and reverse all damage done from the stroke, we also asked that the Lord will allow them to stay in this home.  The husband though he couldn't really speak, was joyful and almost teary eyed with gratitude.  If you feel led, please pray for this couple, for God to bring them into relationship with Him and that God would do a miraculous work in healing this man.

After lunch yesterday, we went to look at another home.   I noticed again that the owners did not truly want to sell but due to conflict in the marriage, they were heading for divorce.  This couple had built this home with the intentions of living there for quite sometime raising their family.  The house itself was doable.  This time the location and the 5 acres of land wasn't ideal.  Again, we just felt led to pray for this family, that God would restore their marriage and they would be a happy family again, living in the home.  Again, if feel led, please pray for this couple's marriage to be restored.

So why did all this happen?  We DON'T really know.  There are a few things in the natural we came up with:
  • The first home features helped us to realize the Lord has given us a strong connection, purpose and parallel vision that Earl & Sylvia have.  They are the couple we met (read the last blog for refresher) who pastor a church there.  
  • The first home gave us the opportunity to pray for a couple who so desperately need Jesus!  (as we all do).  
  • The first home location & the land we loved.  Not sure what to do with that?
Spending the day with Earl & Sylvia was also very enlightening and of course, just fun!  Lots of good information and tidbits.  

There are NOT any jobs that Ken or I could work that would be enough pay, to support us purchasing any homes that fit the description God has been showing us.  Ken did make application for a restaurant manager, that is part time.  I am going to make application for a part time job.  If this is God's will, He will open the doors.   Lots of questions, no answers for this area as well.  

There are not any homes, duplexes or apartments for rent that will accomodate our furniture and/or our 2 dogs.  All doors seem to be shutting that we can tell.  

We don't really want to do a double move nor put things in storage or pods even.  In the natural, there really are NOT any open doors for us to live there YET.  But, we do believe God is moving us there and that He will provide the perfect home.  We don't believe He has showed us all that He has to just leave us fending for ourselves.  We know He has the perfect home and will reveal it in His timing.  (for my type -a, planning, coordinating, logistics personality, I hope that is soon).   And remember Joni's word - lots of suddenlies coming, all good!  

Would you please be willing to stand with us and believe for these things, according to God's will?  Would you pray for us specifically these things:

1.  Favor for our existing home inspections and appraisal next week, for no hiccups or setbacks with our buyers or their buyers.

2.  Believe and stand in faith for a home, that has all He has been showing us for this next season.  Acreage, water source, fruit/nut orchard, house of refuge (many bedrooms/baths) and living space to accomodate many people.   And debt free!!! That's what we feel strongly convicted about!

3.  Pray for my health to be fully restored and energy abounding as we begin a new season!  And that I will be able to work some.  (the last 2 days good/bad stress is taking a toll on me).  

4.  Pray for Ken and all those helping us pack (will need help moving too).  

5.  Pray for peace for me especially....though we are excited and jumping up and down for this new season, this is a big radical change. This will be a culture shock.  Slower paced for sure.  

6.  Pray that God will continue to speak ever so clearly, guiding us and directing us.

7.  That God will make a way in this wilderness - where there "seems" no way!

8.  Pray for provision to meet our needs- Ken's temporary work has ended.  We are trying to sell things - furniture, copiers, desks, bed, couches, stereo, longaberger baskets, etc.

I will continue to blog and update you on how things are going and what God is speaking as the Lord leads!

Thank YOU and BLESS YOU for your prayers, your support and your friendship!

If you have been blessed by this ministry or feel led to support what we are doing financially, below are a few options.  Your generosity and your prayer support is greatly appreciated and needed as we continue to walk in faith and God's calling. 

God Bless YOU -
Ken & Michele Cole,

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About us:

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Ken and I love to pray for folks who need a touch from the Lord - with words of encouragement, words of knowledge and a healing touch.  If you are someone in need, please let us know.  We also have a passion to activate and influence believers to walk in radical obedience to a fun and wonderful God!  There is just nothing like it!  

If you are interested in Ken and I coming to minister to you, your small group or church, or go on a "treasurehunt" with us, please give us a call or email.  We would be delighted to!

Business - 
Our LLC is official - Want InSight Chaplain Services.  God has brought us a business coach to help us and we are excited to see how that goes.  We still have many things that need to be done, logo design, website, etc.... waiting on God to provide the resources and further direction.  

In the meantime,  would you please help us?  Do you know of an employer who often experiences high absenteeism due to the employees having personal issues?  Or maybe has little employee engagement due to struggles on or off the job?  We can help with that.  
We are looking for companies who truly care about their employees and want to offer a business enrichment program that can increase productivity, improve employee and employer morale and provide a safe and emotionally health work environment.  If you know of someone who may be interested, would you be willing to give us an introduction?    We are determined and blessed to have this opportunity to create a cultural change in the workplace!

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The Healing is Always Christ (.com) said...

Hi, Michele and Ken, this is all so exciting and wondrous- our Lord!! I am praying for and standing with you two for Jesus' help and answers. I hope you get the best of the best in all this new endeavor and moving, jobs, ministry. You described the area well. Praying for these people as you asked :) Remembering you daily, with love, and also sad to see you go; however, God is moving all of us to new things- like that picture in this posting. Royce and I are being called to new and good things, also! Blessings always and forever, Donna