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Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait......And Then Suddenly A New Thing! BIG RADICAL NEW THING!!!

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Isaiah 43:19 See, I am doing a new thing!
NOW, it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland.

Have you ever waited for what seems like forever and waited, and waited and waited...then suddenly God does a new thing?

Many of you know that Ken and I have been in what we feel like a long, dry, deafening quiet, hard, hard, did I say hard season that seems, has lasted forever.  Just in the last week, God has revealed a new season filled with dramatic, radical and amazing changes including a move...away from here!  So much has happened in such a short time, I felt the Lord asked me to share on this blog because it is so crazy!  I hope I can make sense of it all for you.

Maybe around May its been since Ken and I feel we have heard God give us any clear direction.  We don't feel He has even talked to us much other than some comfort.  He has been gracious to speak to us for others, however but for ourselves, it's been a very quiet, dark hallway for 5 or so months.  Let me just say that is not fun.   We are used to asking God specific questions and getting answers or Him just speaking to us things He wants us to do.  At about that same time, even our Garmin GPS quit working...... I will share more about that later.....

In September some friends of ours, Mark & Debbie invited us to a monthly gathering they do at their home.  It's a nice crowd of God loving people who gather to fellowship, worship and pray as the Lord leads.  That night I felt led to pray for a man who had two hearing aids.  When I was praying for him (his wife nearby), I felt something connect in my spirit for them but wasn't sure what it meant.

In October, our friends Mark & Debbie asked us to attend a regional corporate gathering in El Dorado Springs, MO (normally in Springfield, MO).  When we arrived we met 40 very awesome pastors and leaders, including the couple, Earl & Sylvia we saw the last month, which happened to be their church we were at.  After the meeting, Earl & Sylvia came up to us and said they felt the Lord wanted us to get to know each other and I told them that we were sensing the same thing.  We saw them at a conference the following week and had a very nice lunch with them.  We agreed we needed to see each other again and that God was doing something, but all 4 of us still had NO idea why.  So we planned a lunch date for this week.

While we were at the conference, a man came up to me and asked if he could pray for my leg.  As he was praying, he said, the Lord is showing me you are moving and that there is a fast and mighty move of the Spirit coming in your lives.  I asked him if he meant literal move and he said yes!  This was our first confirmation outside our fleece that we might me moving for real.
  • I had a dream - Ken and I were driving down the road and we came across a road closed sign, but what was odd, is there was a river on the other side flowing from west to east.  Ken sensed that the interpretation was confirming we were to stop our local ministry meetings and that the Holy Spirit was moving us a new direction.
  • A lady in our home group had a dream she shared with us - Ken and I were a leaf and we were floating in the air and we flew over our existing home and went a little farther east and then dropped to the ground.

Our house has been on the market since mid-August.  We have had many showings, but no offers.  We were wondering if we were actually going to sell as we had our house on the market back in 2008/2009 as an "Isaac" situation.  And because we "felt" like God had showed us much detail about this home (or what we thought was this home)... such as - house of refuge, we planted a bunch of fruit and nut trees, plans for a water well and 2 acre garden, the ability to house many and host many people.  I think that from the time we put the house on the market to now when it sold, it was God and His lovingkindness giving us time to reconcile a real move in our hearts.  You have to let go of what you have in order to get the new thing God wants to give you.
  • Last THURSDAY, (this is the day God really starts moving, acting and speaking to us again) our realtor told us that we had an offer coming in our home.  By Friday we had negotiated the price, all contingent upon the sale of their home with a closing date of 1/13/14.   Also on Thursday, Ken and I decided to continue watching the Bible Mini-series.  The first scene that came on was the wise men following the star to the east.   Ken at that same time, happened to look out the front window and saw a star to the east, moving slowly southeast.   We're beginning to think we are moving away.  Moving away was not in our thought process!  
  • Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, our buyers listed their house on Saturday and on Sunday, they had a contract and they want us to move closing to 12/20/13... less than 40 days away!  God is moving things fast!!
  • Also on Thursday, I felt the Holy Spirit prompted me to look up property in Eldorado Springs, MO.  I didn't question it or even doubt, just a knowing in my spirit.  Now before I share what I was looking at, I want to tell you that Ken and I have felt that when we sold our home, whatever we moved into, we would not have DEBT!  We had a plan to pay off our existing mortgage within 10-15 years of purchase (we've lived here 11 years), but God had different plans so we didn't achieve that goal.  We have felt the bondage of mortgage debt for the past 2 years and it is not fun.  So when we close on the house, we will have NO DEBT and do NOT plan to incur anymore.     I was looking at homes for $7500-20,000.  Yes, seriously.  Little 500-800 Sq Ft homes, old and about 9x smaller than what we have now.  

But, then a house flashed on the screen (like a scrolling thing) and it caught my eye.  The price $164,900 with 3400 Sq Ft.  That is the size of our exisiting home.  That much house for such a great price!  Hmmm.  When I opened up the link, every single detail of the home jumped out and made both Ken and my spirit leap.  I mean leap!  Have you ever felt that?  That when you see something, you know, that you know, that you know.  I can't express in words what we felt, but we knew (think we know) that this home is the one God has for us and has had for us all along!  It's on 10 acres, with a 1 acre spring fed pond (water source), a fruit orchard, fully-fenced 10 acres, electric front gate, a 4 stall barn, a large shed, an oversized garage with workshop, totally remodeled and updated 2 years ago,  3 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 kitchens, 2 living rooms, sunroom (greenhouse for us), all tile, oh and did I say, off the grid! And something else caught my eye.... it said "civil defense shelter".    What does that mean?  Refuge?  Yes!  Everything the Lord has been showing us for the past 4 years is in this home and on this property!  Everything!

  • Now, let me backup a minute.  On August 22nd, a friend of ours texted us and said I don't know what house, but I can tell you the Lord just showed me that "your house is ready".   Well, this house I just described went on the market August 20th!  

  • On Friday, Joey LeTourneau and his wife Destiny came from Colorado to speak and minister.  We didn't know them before they came so just know they know nothing about us!  During the meeting Joey made a comment "sometimes you have to push past the barricade to jump in the river".  Do you remember my dream?  Coincidence?  No!  Then after the meeting, he ran out to the car to get something and when he came in, he set a gallon jug of water down on the counter.  I immediately started laughing and told Ken to look at it.  Here's the picture.  We feel this is sign and confirmation from God that we are moving to El Dorado Springs, MO.  Radical!  Out of nowhere!  For those of you know us, we are city people.  El Dorado Springs is a small town 3500-4000 people, 3 stoplights and NO Walmart!  Ha Ha!
  • On Sunday, we felt like we should share this story with Earl & Sylvia who are the ones who live and pastor a church in El Dorado Springs.  We hadn't shared previously because we were hoping God would speak to them to speak to us about this.  Not!   So, we called them and all 4 were on the line.  We shared this entire story and then more about what God is calling us to do (emergency preparedness, house of refuge, prophetic and healing teaching and activation, etc.  After we finished talking with many giggles in between on how God was speaking, Earl said let me share a few things.  The first thing he said was that when God has moved people to El Dorado for their church ministry, God didn't speak to them until after the people arrived in town.  That was good to know, so we wouldn't expect God to speak to them for us.  He went onto ask us if we remember the painted mural in his church sanctuary.  I said no, don't remember.  He said its a river flowing from west to east.  Really?  Remember my dream?   He then asked if he took us to his office, again, I said no.  He said he would when we have lunch this week.  He has a "prophetic map" and it outlines much of what we had shared with him.  Cool!!  He also went on to say that he is the head of Cedar County Emergency Preparedness/Civil Defense.  Crazy commonalities! 
  • Ok, back to the house I saw online Thursday.  I sent the link to several friends and Ken's parents so they could look at it.  All of which was just blown away and felt God was in this.  But, I have to tell you about Ken's parents specifically.  You know how parents are.  They are cautious, skeptical & ask a lot of questions (and believe me they always have).  Not being negative, but I don't know if I have ever heard them (in 29 years) just come out and say what they said about this home.  They were excited for us, they already were planning a trip to visit and fish in our pond, pick fruit from the fruit orchard, etc.  They were overjoyed for us.  Whether they realized it or not, their comments were so prophetic and another confirmation from the Lord!
  • Back to the Garmin/GPS.  Just yesterday, we were driving down the road.  We hadn't touched it or tried to turn it on or anything and it just suddenly turned itself on and began working again.   Symbolically,  we feel it stopped working just when God went quiet on us.  But, then God said it was time to hear His voice again, to move forward, He turned it back on for us!  Very cool! 

Problems or Hiccups to overcome:  
We absolutely without a doubt believe not only are we moving to El Dorado Springs, MO, but that this home is the home God told our friend in August was ready!  Ken and I feel the Lord has asked us to pray over the land and home when we go to see it tomorrow and to stand in faith for it!  Why do we need faith, you ask?  Well, because the house has a contract on it.  It has been sold to another family.  But.... the appraisal came in low and so far they have not been able to come to an agreement.  We believe that God is using that to hinder these buyers and saving the home for us!

Here's the only other problem that we need your prayers to believe.  The  price is $164,900.  We don't have it.  If Ken could find work making at least 2500 a month, we could qualify to buy the home but again that means going back into debt and we think God is saying NO to that.  ?????  We are not opposed to Ken working, but just so you know, there is only 1 job that we know of open that he qualifies for and I'm pretty sure that the pay would not be much.  He will make application there tomorrow and see if God opens that door.  So....... we need God to show up in a mighty way!

Our Part: 
What we do feel like God is telling us, is to trust Him, stand in faith and know that He is working out all the details.  He told us through Joni Ames that there would be many suddenlies, all good suddenlies and not to fear.  Hold on, we are in for a radical ride!

The other thing we feel the Lord wants of us is when we arrive in El Dorado Springs - to spend the first 30 days going into town - asking God to give us His eyes, His ears and His heart for His people.  No planned ministry.  Just be there and wait on God!

Would you please be willing to stand with us and believe for these things, according to God's will?  Would you pray for us specifically these things:

1.  Favor for our existing home inspections and appraisal next week, for no hiccups or setbacks with our buyers or their buyers.

2.  Believe and stand in faith for the new home He has showed us - specifically that the current buyers fall through, that God will show up in a mighty way to purchase the home debt free.

3.  Pray for my health to be fully restored and energy abounding as we begin a new season!

4.  Pray for Ken and all those helping us pack (will need help moving too).

5.  Pray for peace for me especially....though we are excited and jumping up and down for this new season and new home, this is a big radical change. This will be a culture shock.  Slower paced for sure (especially for my Type-A personality).  And also for no fear.... moving into the country (there are a few neighbors) gives me a little fear.

6.  Pray that God will continue to speak ever so clearly, guiding us and directing us.

Praise Report - Our Joy and Hope has been restored!!  We are sooooooo THANKFUL to the Lord!

I will continue to blog and update you on how things are going and what God is speaking as the Lord leads!

Thank YOU and BLESS YOU for your prayers, your support and your friendship!

If you have been blessed by this ministry or feel led to support what we are doing financially, below are a few options.  Your generosity and your prayer support is greatly appreciated and needed as we continue to walk in faith and God's calling. 

God Bless YOU -
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Ken and I love to pray for folks who need a touch from the Lord - with words of encouragement, words of knowledge and a healing touch.  If you are someone in need, please let us know.  We also have a passion to activate and influence believers to walk in radical obedience to a fun and wonderful God!  There is just nothing like it!  

If you are interested in Ken and I coming to minister to you, your small group or church, or go on a "treasurehunt" with us, please give us a call or email.  We would be delighted to!

Business - 
Our LLC is official - Want InSight Chaplain Services.  God has brought us a business coach to help us and we are excited to see how that goes.  We still have many things that need to be done, logo design, website, etc.... waiting on God to provide the resources and further direction.  

In the meantime,  would you please help us?  Do you know of an employer who often experiences high absenteeism due to the employees having personal issues?  Or maybe has little employee engagement due to struggles on or off the job?  We can help with that.  
We are looking for companies who truly care about their employees and want to offer a business enrichment program that can increase productivity, improve employee and employer morale and provide a safe and emotionally health work environment.  If you know of someone who may be interested, would you be willing to give us an introduction?    We are determined and blessed to have this opportunity to create a cultural change in the workplace!

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