Friday, August 29, 2008

There is still a solution to 100% financing! No downpayment!

The USDA Rural Housing Loan Program has 100% loans available, which offer no downpayment mortgages for low to moderate income people. In today’s market, we are all aware that sometimes a steady income and good credit are just not enough to qualify for a home loan at a bank, mortgage company, or savings and loan. The USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan Program (GRH) is helping more rural families and individuals become eligible to become homeowners. The GRH mortgages are 30-year fixed rates at market interest rates. Visit our website or email us for more information.

There are more than 800 field offices throughout the U.S., so the qualified areas are numerous. With the federal government backing these loans, there is less risk to the lenders, and more options for home buyers. GRH 100% loans can be made on either new or existing homes, or need to be acquired through an approved GRH lender.

Michele A. Cole

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Want a smooth mortgage loan experience?

InSight Mortgage Group is like a free flowing river…..when you meet our team, you are relaxed and comfortable. As you come across sharp bends, we will be there to gently guide you through the water without bumping the banks of the rivers edge. We will not sell you down the river, but help you take the easiest flowing path until you reach your destination. You will arrive on time with confidence, knowing that your float was flawless and handled with care and concern.

Michele "MAC" A. Cole

Monday, August 25, 2008

Save Your Home From Foreclosure and Save Your Credit

Worrying because your adjustable rate mortgage is going to reset and you can't afford the new payment? Maybe you owe more than your house is worth? Or you're unable to get a new loan because your credit is less than perfect? Maybe you're 30, 60, or even 90 days late on your mortgage. Perhaps NOD or foreclosure proceedings have already begun!

Stop collection calls! Stop your foreclosure! Stop Stressing! Let us handle your lenders and their attorneys for you.

I’ve tried refinancing, but everyone says that they can’t help?
If you’re in a position with less than perfect credit or if you now owe more in loans than your home is worth, there are several solutions that can still benefit you. Recently the government has passed several laws making it easier for someone with good intentions to keep their home and keep their low monthly payments. Is your mortgage adjusting or going to adjust? We are now feeling the recourse of all the adjustable mortgages that were started in 2004 and 2005. Many people are losing their homes now that they are no longer able to afford the initial “teaser” rate. How can you be expected to pay an additional $500-$1000 per month on your mortgage? We can help you by setting up a new plan with your lender, and keeping your payments where you are able to continue living comfortably.

Stop Foreclosure with Loss Mitigation Programs
Loss mitigation programs were established by the federal government and the mortgage industry in order to stop home foreclosures. They help foreclosure victims in default on their mortgages to find alternatives to home foreclosure. Every homeowner’s situation is unique and each lender has their own policies regarding the use of these programs to stop foreclosure. Our extensive experience and solid working relationships with mortgage lenders allows us help you avoid the common pitfalls that many homeowners encounter while trying to work things out directly with their lender. After performing a thorough assessment of your personal finances and analyzing your lender’s loss mitigation policies our professional loss mitigators will negotiate with your lender to get you the best possible solution to your home foreclosure problem. We can help you save your home and credit history through a variety of loss mitigation options:
Time is your enemy!
The longer you wait, the harder it is for us to help you. Yes, we often do pull clients out of the fire at the last minute but consider this... If your house payments are more than a month behind, your lender has probably already started foreclosure proceedings against you. As time passes, thousands of dollars in penalties and legal fees can be added to the balance you owe. And every single day the interest charges are growing.
Sometimes homeowners are not even aware how far their foreclosure has progressed. We talk to people almost every day who did not even know their house had already been sold at auction. Please don't let that tragedy happen to you! If you would like to stop foreclosure, protect your assets and credit history 913-642-3334 or visit us at to talk with a consultant. You’d be glad you did!
If you are looking for a realistic long term solution to your financial problems? For a FREE no obligation consultation on how we can help you stop foreclosure, save your home and preserve your credit history.

“Helping our Community Save Their Home”

Customize Approach
Too many banks use a “one size fits all” approach with homeowners in foreclosure. Your situation is unique. You deserve to get a fair and personalized settlement from your lender. We stop foreclosure by taking the time to listen to your concerns, assess your financial needs and then negotiate a mortgage workout that YOU can live with.

Professionalism We get your bank to pay attention to your needs because they know and trust us. We have been stopping foreclosures for many years. During that time we have successfully rescued a multitude of families from the devastation of foreclosure. Our chief mitigator has over 15 years' experience in Real Estate. That kind of experience and track record in the industry gives us credibility with your lender. Our integrity and professionalism help us to be heard when no one else can get through the red tape.

Established Contacts Our staff of full time mitigators works with the key negotiators and decision makers at lending institutions across the country on a daily basis. They speak the language and understand what it takes to break through the bureaucracy to get your case heard.
We will use our experience and relationships to your advantage. Please don’t delay. Act today while hope remains.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

How to survive the tough economic times in the mortgage and real estate industry?

Al Bernstein
Success is often the result of taking a misstep in the right direction.
How can we balance growth and reduce fears during an uncertain economy?

How can we take this economic crisis and turn it into a positive change for the real estate and mortgage industry?

One way in this uncertain economy, it gives you the opportunity to re-evaluate your business, come up with new strategies for lead generation, human resources, marketing, and investing.

During tough economic times, we need to ask ourselves, what is the worst thing that can happen? How do we prepare for these fluctuations in our economy with the least amount of fear? And can fear and faith co-exist? The bible tells us in Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.

Unfortunately a lot of innocent folks are being impacted by the choices that were made when the market was good. The funnel of how to do more business fueled people into buying homes that were more than they could afford. If it’s too good to be true, it is!
Poor choices whether made by the client or our direction reflects negatively on us and the consequences mean less repeat business.

-We need to get back to the basic fundamentals: maintain a strong work ethic, serve our clients with high quality counsel and service.

-We need to educate them on how to live within their means, avoid the use of debt, build liquidity into their situation, set long term goals and understand that God owns it all.

-And most importantly, we need to keep our clients best interests before us at all times.

InSight Mortgage Group provides your clients with wisdom and InSight in to their situation. Visit us at We provide tools to help them make good choices… choices they can live now and in the future…

As your faith is strengthened you will find that there is no longer the need to have a sense of control, that things will flow as they will, and that you will flow with them, to your great delight and benefit. Emmanuel Teney

Thermometer – measures what is going on, but has no control over your environment
Thermostat – Helps you take control of your environment

Ask yourself – Am I going to be a thermometer, which is driven by fear?
Or am I going to be a thermostat, which controls my environment?

Michele "MAC" A. Cole

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tips for Searching for a Mortgage Lender

What are some things a prospective borrower should watch for with a lender?

Ask questions, get disclosures, check references. Relationship is most important. God wants us in relationship with Him and with others. If you don’t know anyone, than ask people you love and trust to refer you to someone. Realtor referrals are good source IF you know and trust the realtor as well. Another recommendation is to use website to select a financial or mortgage professional. The training and education needed to be a qualified member is substantial and is valuable to you the consumer.

Michele "MAC" A. Cole

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Real Estate Bubble

How did we get into the real estate mortgage mess we’re in?

The scripture that comes to mind is: 1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. And some people, craving money, have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows.

My opinion is that many folks were involved in this market bubble. The lenders expanded their underwriting guidelines so more and more folks could qualify with no real ability to repay the loan. The joke we heard was, if you could breath, you could qualify for a loan. The loan originators, realtors, appraisers, builders, developers, title companies all saw a way to make more money.. The consumer also has some responsibility. We saw many who saw this an opportunity to buy more house than they could truly afford. Keeping up with the Jones’.

Michele "MAC" A. Cole