Friday, June 7, 2024

How Do You Respond to Pride In Others?

Pride really isn't the most popular thing to talk about!  There's a reason I am writing this blog today.....and it may surprise you.  

Pride - 

From Oxford Dictionary  -

"A feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired."

From the Bible 

“Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18). 

I'm pretty sure each one of us have experienced pride in our own life.   And I'm confident we know one or two people who are prideful, arrogant and even pompous.  God frowns on pride and there is much to say in His Word about being prideful.  Actually He uses the word hate!!

Proverbs 8:13 “To fear the LORD is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behaviour and perverse speech.” 

Proverbs 16:5 “The LORD detests all the proud of heart. Be sure of this: They will not go unpunished.

This morning in my quiet time, I was venting to the Lord about someone.   This person has been getting under my skin every time I see them.   I was telling God how arrogant they were, how disrespectful, how prideful they are, it seems like every time they open their mouth!   I asked the Lord to reveal His heart for this person.  I asked Him to change my heart towards them.   Do you know what He told me?   He told me to pray for them.  He asked me to pray specifically that they would come into a place of humility.    That may sound like a good prayer, but to me that's a dangerous prayer.  I'll get back to that in a moment.  

Over the years, I have met and known many prideful people.   If you've read previous blogs, then you know that my brain works like a connect the dot board.  I pick up on patterns.   I pick up on clues both in the natural and in the spiritual realm.   I'm a feeler.  I often feel what is going on in someone's heart.  I can pick up on atmospheres.   There are many reasons people become prideful, but the most common one I have seen is they have been hurt.   You've heard it said that hurt people, hurt people.   

Pride is a "mask" people put on to deflect hurt and pain that may come their way.   If it's arrogant pride, the mask is to help them feel important.  Maybe growing up they were told lies that said they weren't.   False humility is also pride and this is one that I have struggled with.  I have deflected compliments and felt not worthy to receive them.  God used a book to point this out in my life.  The Lord also showed me one time in our home group.  I was placed in the center to get prayer.   Every wonderful prayer and prophetic word, I literally saw bounce off of me. They would not penetrate my heart.   I had a protective bubble around me.   I had no idea.  But it all stemmed from being told I was worthless and that everything bad that happened to me, I deserved it.  It's been a long journey and one I'm still one trying to overcome those lies.  I am finally learning to receive.  

So back to the prayer God has asked of me.  There are so many lost and hurting souls in the world.  There are many that their "ministries" are imploding.   Everywhere you turn, someone is being exposed and called out on their sin.   I have mixed emotions about that.   I am thankful that they are being exposed as to stop the continued pain they perpetrate on others.  On the other hand, I wouldn't want to be the one that gets exposed. I wouldn't want to cause hurt to others.  Would you?   Praying for someone's pride may be a dangerous prayer because it may cause someone's downfall.  And God may expose you in the midst of it.  

However, we can and must pray for these folks.  We could start with our own sphere of influence.  Surely, there is one or two people you can begin to pray for consistently.  Ask God to heal them of their hurts because that is where sin comes in.  Sin is a mask to cover up some kind of pain!   Ask the Lord to show you who to pray for and how to pray specifically.   Start with yourself.   We all have pride in one way or another.  God hates it and so should we! 

Pray for the ministries you see in the news or on social media that are crumbling because of sin issues.  Pray for the leaders to have a broken and contrite spirit.   Ask God to intervene.  He's a God of mercy and compassion but He is also a God of justice!  

God rescues the afflicted by their affliction; He instructs them by their torment. Job 36:15 HCSB 

This verse I read today in my quiet time.  Often God will use hardships to get our attention.  He doesn't cause them.  He allows them.  Sometimes the hardships are for our own good.  To get us in line with His Truth.  Other times they are used to grow our faith and draw us near to Him.   Will we allow these hardships to make us better or will we choose to be bitter.  It's our choice!

Prayer Requests/Praise Reports

Ken & I will be traveling to Kansas City, unexpectedly due to Ken's father's health.  He has been diagnosed cancer and it has already spread.  It's very aggressive and fast growing.  We are thankful for the Lord providing through some family air fare and accommodations.  There are other expenses that we are trusting Him for.   Please pray for Clyde and Donna, his parents - for peace that passes all understanding!   Please pray for our travel days as well.  Both coming and going will be long days up at 4 and not home or to hotel until after 10pm. 

 I have entered a competition for - If you're on Facebook please vote daily.  I am in 2nd in my group (lots of groups) and the competition ends in July.  If I were to win, I would receive $25,000 which I could use towards publishing the books I'm writing or a newer more reliable SUV. ??  But there are other perks to winning as well.   I'm thankful that I have fed 1000's of people over the years and they liked my cooking because that has helped this competition greatly!  However, I am competing against professional chefs and others.  It's all popular vote right now.   I'm humbled by the favor God is giving me..... and it's definitely a stretch for me.   The Lord's will be done!

Please pray for Ken's health - teeth and other things going on....  He is the healthy one, so this is hard on him.  

Please pray for me - pain, new pain, sleep.   My doctor has put me on a new medication that is supposed to help with pain but not narcotic or habit also has other benefits for thyroid, sleep and more.   I am having some of the "rare" side effects so dosing has remained low for now.  Pray that if this is something God will use, i won't have the awful side effects.  

Thank you so much for your ongoing love and support.  We are continuing to trust God daily for needs and for the timing of His vision.  Lots of stuff stirring there.....  

Let me know how we can pray for YOU!!! 

Hugs, love and prayers.

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