Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Are YOU Doing What YOU Were Created To Do?

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.  Ephesians 2:10 ESV 

This morning in my quiet time, I was reading a commentary on 1 Kings 5.  This is about Solomon building the temple.  In the commentary, a line jumped out at me.  "Let God's promises quicken our endeavor."    and then a quote I saw on social media. "Don't count the days' make the days count."  Danny Courtney.   

I sat with those two statements and Ephesians 2:10 came to mind. 

I want to ask you a blunt question.   Are you doing what you were created to do?   Seriously, think about that for a moment.   One question I ask people when we I first meet someone is - if you could do anything at all, your greatest passion, and not have to worry about money or anything else, what would it be?    Years ago, the Lord showed me that He truly is the one who gives us the desires IN our heart.  He prepared good works for us long before we were born.  As we mature and grow, He puts us in situations and places and introduces us to people who can help us get to the "place of good works" He predestined for us.   Think about Joseph for a minute.  God gave him a dream.  Has God give you a dream?   He gave Joseph a dream and he shared that dream with his brothers.  He shared it because he was excited about it.  He wanted to jump right into it.  But God had different plans.  God had to prepare him for it.  God had to take him through trials, testing and perseverance so that when it was time, He would be "prepared" to do the good works God predestined for His life.    The same is true for us.  God gives us many talents and gifts and resources as we grow and mature.  He molds us and shapes us into the person He needs us to be, so we can fulfill the purpose, calling and destiny on our lives.   While we are going through that process, we don't always understand or we think we must not be hitting the mark.  Or others think we are missing the boat, somehow.  Believe me I know that!   Everything that happens to us, whether good, evil or human intent, God uses to bring us to the place He has for us.   

Let's go back to those two statements.....  

1. Let God's promise quicken our endeavors -  God called Solomon to build the temple.  He didn't waste any time.  He took hold of the promise and the call and he was INTENTIONAL.   He put the pieces in motion and He got to see the results.  God predestined Solomon to be the one to do this.  God asked Solomon what he wanted.  God would give him anything he asked.  And his answer was wisdom and understanding.  He didn't ask for wealth or power.  He asked for wisdom.  Let us all endeavor to ask God for wisdom that He freely gives so that we can be sure we are DOING what He prepared in advance for us to do.     

2.  Don't count the day's, make the days count - this goes right along with that.  Each day when you get out of bed, do you seek the Lord and ask Him what He wants you to do today?  Or do you just get up and do what you're used to doing.  I can't say I do this everyday, but I do often ask Him, what is on your heart Lord.  Who do you want me to pray for?  Will you create a divine appointment or divine connection?  And then, I wait on Him, listen for His voice and act on whatever He says.   

Ken and I are NOT where we feel God has predestined for us YET!   I do feel we are on the path and He is leading and guiding us.   Our passion and desire is to step into the fullness of His call on our lives.  We are doing it on a smaller scale and long for the more.....    I want to share a recommendation from our previous pastors in El Dorado Springs, MO that relates to this.....

“Our lives have been enriched for the past four years by the ministry of Ken and Michele Cole. We have been blessed to be their pastor during a portion of this time, but beyond that, we have found this friendship to be a rare pastor-parishioner relationship in which we have received more than we have given. Anyone would be hard pressed to "out give" this couple who live out their calling every day. 

Ken and Michele have a heart for pastors and missionaries. It is rare to come across people like this who so intimately understand the demands of ministry! They continually ask us how they can pray for us, and then they DO IT. They are incredibly gifted with discernment, intercession, hospitality, faith, helps, teaching, exhortation, and service, and they utilize their gifts effectively to bring glory to God and refreshment to others.

Interestingly, though they have not yet entered their promised land (a retreat center where they can expand their ministry), for the past four years they have given 100% of their energies in ministry while waiting in the desert. They have continued to believe God was going to provide, all the while seeking out individuals who they could encourage and minister to. They haven't focused solely on the pastoral families in our church, but to multiple other pastors, leaders, and lay people; countless people in a wide geographical area have had life poured into them by Ken and Michele. Their home is filled with people nearly every day of the week, as they feed them amazing meals (we could write a whole chapter here; what unbelievable chefs they are!), pray over them, love on them, and support and serve them with their ears, hands, and hearts. 

It is our feeling that God has been preparing, grooming, and refining Ken and Michele, but it is time for their ministry to move to a new level. A couple like this - so gifted and sold out to God and His purposes for their lives - needs a bigger platform so as to minister to greater numbers of thirsty and weary pastors and leaders. We continue to pray that God will, in His abundant provision, allow them to purchase a retreat property to continue to serve in an even greater capacity. 

Thank you for considering our recommendation of Ken and Michele Cole as worthy recipients of financial backing in the realization of God's vision and plan for them”

In His service, Joe and Faith Trussell

What is it that you would do if you could do anything?   
What brings life to you?  What purpose has God created you for that can expand the Kingdom?  That can help the lonely, brokenhearted?  Feed the hungry?  Reach the lost?  Minister to those in need?  

Are you doing it?  

Make every day count for the Kingdom!  Step into the plans God has for you.   

Some very specific prayer needs.....

Additional income.  We are in a rental that is twice what we were paying for.  This is the only one God opened the door for.  It's also that time of year when all our insurances come due.   We are feeling the pressure.... and are trusting God to meet our needs.  He has been so faithful in many ways.   He has always met our needs.... it's just not always fun to have to rely on Him and not consistent income.   

We leave for Cancun 11/7-11/12.  Thankful that the entire trip, flight, resort, food, shuttle, tours etc are all paid for by the by company Thrive Life....   however we will have to pay taxes on the cost of the trip.   I am also a little apprehensive leaving the country still dealing with chronic pain in feet, knee, back and little sleep.  The flight days will be 12-14 hours long arriving at midnight in Mexico...and departure is early am so we have to be up by 3am.   That's about the time I get my best sleep.    Please pray for God's grace to give me anxiety.    We haven't been on a plan since 2011.  We haven't had a real vacation since then.  We are looking forward to feet in the sand and good food!   

Please pray for my continued healing...  Pray for my Thrive Life business to be sufficient to help pay our bills.  

Please pray for Ken's safety on job and for 40 hours a week over the winter months...that's when it tends to slow down some.  


Please let me know how I can pray for you.  I am thankful for those who reach out with prayer requests.   

Hugs, love and prayers.

Ken & Michele Cole - quality freeze dried food - simple to use, quality, non GMO, nutritious & delicious.  

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2.  Tax deductible options:

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     Donor Fund - The Signatry - Ken & Michele Cole - listed under Want InSight Fund.

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     This is an option to keep gifts anonymous - again for outreach and savings toward our vision.


God has given us a vision to build a retreat property along with ministry equipping center.  

The retreat portion of our ministry is to provide a safe place for pastors, lay leaders & other ministry folks to come and be refreshed & encouraged through prophetic ministry (if wanted).  We will offer private cabins with kitchens & full bathrooms, and plenty of places to roam on the property to get quiet with the Lord. 

We will offer other specialty retreats - marriage, healing, prophetic teaching & activating people into the world & health and wellness retreats and more.  

The Lord has graced us with the desire to come alongside the Church - to bring healing, deliverance & freedom to new/newer believers.  We are not wanting to replace their church, but better help them be ready to serve in their church. 

In our community building - we will eventually have a 24/7 prayer room, healing & prophetic rooms and a place for community worship services for those on the property.  

Our passion is to minister to a lost & hurting world.   To equip the saints to do the same and to be a blessing to our community and surrounding areas.  Our hopes are that we can pour out God's love in a mighty way to bring more and more souls into the Kingdom, get them discipled, called into their purpose & destiny and released to do God's business!!!!  We also have a passion to give generously to help those in need and to help others launch into their God given destinies.