Wednesday, May 10, 2023

It's Is Finished!


“Let the kindness of the Lord our God be over us. Make the work of our hands last. Make the work of our hands last!”   Psalm 90:17

Have you ever had a big project to do and when it was done, you were over the top excited?   A sense of accomplishment, maybe?  A tasks to check off your list as complete!  

I don't know exactly when but back around 2007 or so, the Lord put it on my heart to write a book.  He even gave me the book title.  

I began to write the book, well at least spit out some thoughts about each chapter and some rough chapter titles.  I had some scriptures sprinkled on the pages.  I had at least started it.  I was having so much trouble writing because I'm one who wants to correct grammar, punctuation, etc as I write.  Well, that meant I might get a paragraph or two written all day!  LOL!!!   It seemed as if I wasn't making much progress and that wasn't fun.  I'm the kind of person who likes to start things, fire-starter, but leave the finishing to someone else.  

That's not necessarily what one can do when writing a book, so I procrastinated and procrastinated.  My health crashed after that and there was just no way I could get back to it.

Just a few months ago, I was sitting around feeling like God wanted me to get back to writing this book.  I prayed and I said Lord, if You want me to do this, i need help.  I need someone who can let me spit out the words and they do the editing and whatever else needed to be done.  And He did just that.  I can't tell you much more on this because, it's one of the stories in the book.  You'll just have to get the book when it comes out!  

Anyways, three months ago, we started this journey together and TODAY, we finished the writing part.  She is finishing up the final edits and we do have another story or two that is coming in to be inserted, but the book is written.  

We are about ready to send it to two "editors" to do their part.  Will also be sending it to a few people who will be writing the forward and some endorsements.  God has given me so much favor in this area and I am thankful. The editors have offered to do it FREE of charge!   That's huge! 

Here's where I need additional support and prayer.  I have researched and have spoken to many who have gone before me that are authors.  A publishing company (self-publish) is the most economical and best way to go these days for many reasons.  But they still cost!!   Additionally, it costs to have the books printed.  I also felt like the Lord gave me a specific amount to pay my friend who was invested much time with me on it.   This is a chunk of money I don't have, yet!  I say yet, because God inspired this book and so I know He will provide!   I'm just super stoked to send it to the publisher! 

I am soliciting YOUR prayers for the provision to GET PUBLISHED!  And if by chance the Lord would put it on your heart to sow into this book project, that would be wonderful!!!   No pressure.  If so, please reach out to me so I can suggest a way to send funds and be sure it's tied to the book funding.   Thank you in advance for prayers and/or financial support!  

Even more exciting is that God has given me THREE more books to write.  

The 1st one - is on prayer - something  you've prayed for and how God answered it - or didn't.  This is the one I just finished.

2nd - is on how our words and actions as Christians can impact others

3rd - is on Giving 

4th - is my life. 

I have much work ahead of me and believe it or not, I'm already motivated and ready to get started... and so is my friend who is helping!  God is good!


On another note, my sister Jackie is moving from Kansas City to Hamilton, MT here next week. She leaves there on Tuesday and here on Friday!   This is a huge huge big step for her - but also a very big part of "next steps" towards destiny.  Too much to share here.    Please pray for her safe travels & for all that she has need of to get here! 

We are still believing God for the BIG VISION He gave us... and there have been many "things" that seem to be lining up.  Still don't have timing.... but we must be getting closer.  

Prayer points - 

Prayer for Ken and endurance with job.  Thankful he got some overtime this week, though his body feels it.  He had to work outside in colder temps.  We dropped down into the 30's this week overnight.  I think we may see spring, or maybe summer temps later this week.  Not ready for summer.  I want spring! :)  

Prayer for me - for my health - still much chronic pain and sleep issues.  Thankful for some sleep - believing for the complete healing as promised!

Prayer for finances - We are still very dependent on the Lord for day to day provision.  He is faithful!  

Our home group is going strong.  We all so look forward to meeting each week.  

Thank you for your love and support of us and all that God is doing.  We are thankful for those of you who pray for us.  

Hugs, love and prayers.

Ken & Michele Cole - quality freeze dried food - simple to use, quality, non GMO, nutritious & delicious.   I am looking for people who might want to host a Tasting Party - you can earn free food without even spending anything.  

Here are ways you can give if you feel led:

1.  Non tax deductible donations can be made to:

     Ken & Michele Cole, 103 Geneva Ave, Hamilton, MT 59840  (preferable as the options below will tax us) 

     This is the only way currently we can use funds for our personal needs at this time.  or through 

Paypal - 

Venmo- @Michele-Cole-20

Cashapp -$micheleacole2019     

2.  Tax deductible options:

     Checks payable to Sonlit Fields, 103 Geneva Ave, Hamilton, MT 59840

     This goes into our ministry account to be used for outreach and saving towards our vision.

     Donor Fund - The Signatry - Ken & Michele Cole - listed under Want InSight Fund.

     7171 W 95th Street, Suite 501, Overland Park, KS 66212

     Phone 913 310 0279


     This is an option to keep gifts anonymous - again for outreach and savings toward our vision.


God has given us a vision to build a retreat property along with ministry equipping center.  

The retreat portion of our ministry is to provide a safe place for pastors, lay leaders & other ministry folks to come and be refreshed & encouraged through prophetic ministry (if wanted).  We will offer private cabins with kitchens & full bathrooms, and plenty of places to roam on the property to get quiet with the Lord. 

We will offer other specialty retreats - marriage, healing, prophetic teaching & activating people into the world & health and wellness retreats and more.  

The Lord has graced us with the desire to come alongside the Church - to bring healing, deliverance & freedom to new/newer believers.  We are not wanting to replace their church, but better help them be ready to serve in their church. 

In our community building - we will eventually have a 24/7 prayer room, healing & prophetic rooms and a place for community worship services for those on the property.  

Our passion is to minister to a lost & hurting world.   To equip the saints to do the same and to be a blessing to our community and surrounding areas.  Our hopes are that we can pour out God's love in a mighty way to bring more and more souls into the Kingdom, get them discipled, called into their purpose & destiny and released to do God's business!!!!  We also have a passion to give generously to help those in need and to help others launch into their God given destinies.  

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