Thursday, January 19, 2023

Job's Friends....

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2 

Do you know Job's friends?  Do you have someone in your life that always seems to know the answer to your problem or circumstance?  Is there someone you see in Christian circles that always seems to have the "fix" for everyone's problems?  

This past weekend at Sunday School.... a gentlemen shared about his health.  In context, he was saying that as he has asked God to take the disease away, God's reply has been My Grace is Sufficient for you.  He still contends for healing but yet knows God is using this disease to reach others.   His transparency however landed a comment directed at him that maybe he didn't have enough faith to be healed.  If he would only open the Word of God and read it aloud - you know faith comes by hearing, hearing by the Word.    When that came out of the person's mouth, my stomach felt like I was kicked hard.  I looked around the room and there were several of us who showed a similar response.   Ouch!!  That's what I'd call a friend of Job's.  

Since I have dealt with chronic health issues for 38+ years.... I have had many of Job's friends visit me as well.    Here's just a few of the comments I get....

1.  You must not have enough faith.

2.  You must have unforgiveness towards someone.

3.  You must not be eating right, exercising enough, etc....

4.  You must not be taking "my" supplements!  I literally had someone tell me that God told them because I was not buying their $500 a month protocol of their supplements, God would not heal me.  

5.  I need to repent, renounce everything including the kitchen sink repeatedly.  

6.  I must have so much sin in my life that God would keep me sick and debilitated. 

7.  If only you did this, or did that, you'd be healed.  

You get the point now, don't you?  

All of these points (well not #4)  have some validity and can hinder healing... but have you ever just stopped and asked them "What is God speaking to you"  What is God saying to you regarding your circumstance?  We are so quick to "put on" to others our ideas, opinions, solutions and experiences.  We don't take the time to just have compassion and kindness.   This applies to any circumstance whether it be health, or financial or anything someone is going through.   And if you don't have a one on one relationship with this person, why do you feel you can speak into that person's life in the first place.  You would have no idea on the day to day walk they have.  We are often guilty of jumping to conclusions instead of just asking a few questions and finding out more.   

Do you know how many times I've gone (and others)  into a downward spiral because we have friends like Job?  We never know how our words may affect someone in the moment?  

Years ago,  I had someone speak over me that Satan has an assignment over my life.  He is going to do everything in his power to take me out.   I was a fairly new Christian and since they were a leader, I took that into my spirit.   I thought wow I'm going to die.  When? I assumed my  health issues were my "lot" in the Christian life.     When I shared that with my home group and thankful I had such amazing sound teachers, they said oh no..... that was not good!  They prayed and broke off that word curse.      If you have something to share with someone, please learn how to word it - turn it for good... don't speak curses over them.  Seriously!!    Here's how I may have worded that.  "You have a great call on your life and God wants to use you powerfully.   Satan doesn't like that and he may try to throw everything at you to change that, but God says you are an overcomer and God is with you and nothing can thwart God's plans for your life.     Do you see the difference?  Which one would you prefer? Blessing or Curse?  

We have got to take the time to think about what we want to say and speak in a way that will be uplifting and encouraging.   Our words have power. The Word of God says life and death are in the tongue!  What is your tongue speaking over others.  

Years ago when I started this blog, I felt the Lord wanted me to be transparent.  He wanted my struggles and victories to be heard.  So many times we hear of a person having a trial and then we hear the outcome - the overcoming part, but we don't hear about the details in between.  That is what God has asked of me in this blog and in my walk.  Do you know how hard that is - the transparency part is a cake walk next to the comments and feedback I get.  Assumptions are made, answers are thrown out flippantly and sadly, all out attacks are given.   Yeah for me.  Very few actually say wow.... you are going through it.  Or how can I come alongside you and walk this out with you?  How can I support you?   This quote seems pretty appropriate right now.

“True intercession involves bringing the person, or the circumstance that seems to be crashing in on you, before God, until you are changed by His attitude toward that person or circumstance. People describe intercession by saying, “It is putting yourself in someone else’s place.” That is not true! Intercession is putting yourself in God’s place; it is having His mind and His perspective.” ― Oswald Chambers 

Would God shame you or condemn you?   No!!!  So why do we do that to others.  Bob Sorge said one time that God doesn't look at the day to day walk, He looks at the trajectory of our life. Are we growing?  Are we progressing upwards over time?  That's what He's looking for.  He's not beating us down because we have a bad moment or a bad day or week?  He's not even looking at if we have a bad year or two.  LIfe is hard.  Life is challenging.   He knows that.  And He is more concerned with us growing in Him.  

How can we be the body of Christ God intended?  How can we shift our attitude to one that is encouraging and uplifting?  How can we stop projecting onto others our ideas, opinions and attitudes.       Here's what I know to be true:  Hurt people, hurt people.  Healed people, heal people.   Seek the Lord, ask Him to create a clean heart in us.  Ask Him to renew a right spirit in us.  Help us to be people who truly demonstrate God's love to a lost, broken and hurting world...especially to your fellow brother and sisters in Christ.   There's a song most of us know.... here are the words:    This is what Christianity should be about - LOVE!! (listen here) 
We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the LordWe are one in the Spirit, we are one in the LordAnd we pray that our unity will one day be restoredAnd they'll know we are Christians by our love, by our loveYeah they'll know we are Christians by our love
We will work with each other, we will work side by sideWe will work with each other, we will work side by sideAnd we'll guard each man's dignity and save each man's pride
And they'll know we are Christians by our love, by our loveYeah, they'll know we are Christians by our love.

If you've had a friend or two like Job, I'm so sorry.  I repent on their behalf and pray that you have been able to overcome and hurt, disappointment or bitterness towards them.  IF you've been a friend like Job's, please ask the Lord for forgiveness and to help you show His love in a different way.   

We all go through challenges, trials & major setbacks.   Think about what you need when you're in one of these situations?  What brings you hope, encouragement and the courage to get through?   Do the same to others that you would want.   How can you come alongside someone?   

Praise & Prayer Reports....

1.  Thank you for your prayers for Ken's work.  His boss created a couple days of work at his own personal home.  And now he has at least a few more days on another job.  So Thankful for that!   We still need additional income beyond him full time - but God's in control! 

2.  The pain levels are extra high for some reason.  I just continue to trust that God will give me a grace to continue to walk this out until such time He chooses to heal. 

 Please let me know how I can pray for you.  I am thankful for those who reach out with prayer requests.   

Hugs, love and prayers.

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